San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties as coastal counties have many geographical similarities while sharing vulnerabilities, such as water security, diminishing instream summer base flows, heightened fire and flooding risks.  Many organizations in these counties have worked on streamlining efforts to reach a shared water vision, such as the Central Coast Water Conservancy and local IRWMs. However successful these efforts are, silos still remain a barrier and competition for funding resources and lack of multiple benefit based projects can be enhanced.  The LCW meeting aims at giving space to exchanging ideas of successful strategies that benefit Water Security, Fire/Flood, and Instream Flows, and the opportunity to create a larger framework for voluntary agreements and collaborative approaches.

Day 1  Ventura to San Luis Obispo REGIONAL Focus

Highlighting innovative integrated strategies that bridge successful water, land and resource management. Key presentations will include successful collaboration structures and innovative case studies that intersect water security and watershed functions. California experts will discuss latest strategies and solutions to balance healthy economies, water security and watershed functions.  A poster session/reception will integrate relevant current case studies, strategic planning efforts, and implementation streamlining and creative funding.

Day 2 Ventura Watershed Focus

Discuss and apply strategies from Day 1 into next steps for collaborative frameworks for Ventura River Watershed.

Outcomes: The LCW outcomes will focus on a shared water vision in 2019 for the Tri-County California Coastal Region, building off intersections of existing excellent visions included local efforts such as the Ventura River Watershed Management Plan and other Water Management collaboratives in the region.